来源:http://www.shengfengyinshua.com/ 日期:2019-07-24 发布人:admin   不干胶标签也叫自粘标签、及时贴、即时贴,是以纸张、薄膜或特种资料为面料,反面涂有粘合剂,以涂硅底纸为维护纸的一种复合资料,并经印刷、模切等加工后成为废品标签。应用时,只需从底纸上剥离,悄悄一按,即可贴到各种基材的外表,也可运用贴标机在消费线上自动贴标。
  Self-adhesive label is also called self-sticking label, timely sticking and instant sticking. It is made of paper, film or special materials, coated with adhesive on the reverse side, and coated with silicon backing paper as a composite material for maintenance paper. It becomes a waste label after printing, die cutting and other processing. When applied, only peel off the base paper and press it quietly, it can be pasted to the appearance of various substrates, and it can also be automatically labeled on the consumer line by the labeling machine.
  Industry Label Paper
  Office and industrial printing labels, electronic and electrical labels, food and health products/medical equipment labels, wine and beverage labels, supermarket wholesale and wholesale labels, pharmaceutical and pesticide agricultural materials labels, vegetable and fruit agricultural products labels, automobile manufacturing/automobile parts labels, warehousing logistics labels, children's goods/toys/sports goods/clothing shoes Textile label, daily chemical warning label, institution label, etc.
  Printing and Making of Anti-counterfeiting Label with Non-adhesive
  Office and Industrial Print Labels
  Because many enterprises are not familiar with the typewriter, when choosing the typewriter, they often do not know how to choose. So how should users choose the appropriate label for their enterprises? Here, how to select a typewriter to provide customers with several basis, the selection of bar code printer label, we should consider the following issues:
  1. Number of prints: If you need to print less than 10,000 labels per day, you need a high-volume industrial printer with metal shell, such as Zebra-SL105; if the number of prints is small, you can use desktop desktop printer series, such as Zebra-888.
  2. Label size: ordinary bar code printer prints labels with a width of l0mm~200mm. You can also print labels of different sizes sensitively according to your needs.
  3. Label quality: The printing resolution of label typewriter is generally divided into 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi. The larger the DPI value, the better the printing effect. If you want to print high-quality images on the label, you can consider choosing a 300 dpi printing head.
  4. Printing speed: Different types of printers have different printing speed, depending on the user's request for speed. The printing speed of ordinary bar code printer is 2"-6"/sec per second. If a large number of labels need to be printed in a short time, high-speed printer should be selected.
  Electronic and Electrical Industry Label
  Dry glue materials used in this final category are usually polyester PET, including white PET, silver PET and transparent PET. PET data can withstand high temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius, and must be heat-resistant and chemically resistant to phase separation of adhesives.
  Printing and Making of Anti-counterfeiting Label with Non-adhesive
  Labels of Agricultural and Byproducts, Food and Health Products
  All kinds of adhesives used in food labeling are completely environmental protection materials, non-toxic and non-soaking. After FDA team certificate, they can be applied in food and gymnastics industry, even directly pasted on fruits and vegetables.
  Food labels are often stored in different environments once they are pasted. These environmental factors directly affect the selection of the manufacturing label's own data. For example, in a cold storage (0 - 5 degrees Celsius) environment, there will be moisture condensation on the surface of the package to be labeled: in this environment, the adhesive must show good adhesion to the wet base material.
  Alcohol beverage label
  In bottled products, labels and adhesives experience different environments: manual labeling or automatic labeling during low temperature and high humidity bottling. Adhesives should have the best initial adhesion. Adhesives used in beer, beverages, white wines and champagne bottles are usually stored in cold and ice water, while Saffrons are usually kept in a dry environment. Adhesives need to perform well in a long-term low-temperature wet sprinkler kiln. Recycled bottles also require that the adhesives be washable.
  Supermarket and wholesale label
  条形码已被普遍运用各个行业,而运用不干胶资料打印的条形码标签,愈加便当、美观和容易管理。我们选用特地配合条码打印机运用的优质热转不干胶资料,能够打印十分精密的不干胶条码标签,航空行李票需求运用坚固耐用,并能够经过热敏打印的不干胶标签,我们有PP不干胶和复合热敏纸类不干胶资料以供选择。 点击查看细致信息...
  Bar code has been widely used in various industries, and the use of self-adhesive materials printed bar code labels, more convenient, beautiful and easy to manage. We choose high quality hot-roll adhesive materials specially matched with bar code printer, which can print very precise non-dry adhesive bar code labels. Airline luggage tickets need strong and durable non-dry adhesive labels which can be heat-sensitive printed. We have PP adhesive and composite thermal paper adhesive materials for selection. Click to view the details.
  Pharmaceutical Pesticide Label
  This kind of label is mainly used for copperplate paper and mirror copperplate paper. The main processes are color printing, film coating, UV, gold/silver stamping, laser and so on.
  Health products such as small-caliber medical packaging and oral liquid have high demand for labeling. The posted data range from glass to polystyrene (PS). Normally, labeling stops at room temperature, but the range of application conditions can range from refrigeration to hot bath. For these small-sized products, the label is a combination of thin and flexible paper-based fabrics and high-viscous adhesives.
  Daily chemical labels
  Household care products include a variety of detergents, clothing softeners, disinfectants, and household cleaners, with a wide range of technical needs. Personal care labeling includes hair care, skin care, make-up, oral care products, bath products, cleaning products, perfume, wet napkins, hand sanitizers, deodorant and sunscreen products. Many personal care label, especially those used for cosmetics, will be directly contacted with the oils in the bottle formula.
  此类标签的表面和信息很小相同:关于品牌质帚的进步成为根本的商业请求。“无标签感”,即标签很难作为包装的一局部被辨别出来, 正成为新潮流。此类胶粘剂需求有很好的亲润才能以进步透明度。为坚持它的透明度,胶粘剂具有防晒性,特别抗紫外线。
  The surface and information of such labels are very little the same: progress on branded brooms has become a fundamental business requirement. "Labelless sense", that is, labels are difficult to identify as part of packaging, is becoming a new trend. Such adhesives require good affinity in order to improve transparency. In order to maintain its transparency, the adhesives have sunscreen, especially anti-ultraviolet.
  Most household and personal care products come into contact with water, so one of the most essential properties of this kind of adhesive is water resistance.
  Other industry labels
  Self-adhesive Label Material Selection and Related Knowledge
  Self-adhesive label data can be divided into paper self-adhesive label and film self-adhesive label according to the surface material. With the acceleration of industrialization and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, film self-adhesive materials have emerged. The selection of film fabrics is related to many factors, such as application environment, adhesives, properties of substrates, etc.
  There are four kinds of in-model label data according to data characteristics: BOPP, PP+PE, PE and paper. Because of the different disposal characteristics of data, the application effect is also different.
  1. BOPP: Bi-directional tensile deformation, special coating on the surface, good printing adaptability. Defects are easy to deform when applied to large-area containers. If the barrel data is PE and the label data is PP, the barrel surface will present orange peel phenomenon after label application because of the different shrinkage rates of the two materials.
  2.PE: Without stretching, corona disposal is required for data appearance, poor printing adaptability, large deformation after hot stamping, because it is PE material itself, it does not appear deformation after being applied to PE bottle.
  3. PP+PE: Unidirectional stretching deformation, corona disposal is required for data appearance, good printing adaptability and stable tension. Due to the inclusion of PE in the data, low temperature hot stamping foil is required in the label stamping process. The greatest advantage is that the label has good appearance lubrication, no distortion and visual effect after application.
  4. Paper: Applied to low-level packaging products, suitable for non-deformable or small deformation of the barrel. The commonly used materials are high-grade coated paper, and the printability of paper materials is good.
  There are two kinds of appearance for in-model label data depending on the scope of application.
  1. Lubrication appearance data: Suitable for curved bottle body shape, because curved bottle body can naturally exhaust when contacting with the label in the process of blowing, and will not present bubble and wrinkle phenomenon.
  2. Rough appearance data: is manually printed or rolled out of a regular fine pattern, suitable for flat bottles. When the flat bottle is in contact with the label during the blowing process, the air can be exhausted naturally through the small pattern, without bubble and wrinkle.
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