来源:http://www.shengfengyinshua.com/ 日期:2019-04-10 发布人:admin   对产品生成加密的二维码产品信息,将二维码印刷或标贴于产品包装上,用户只需通过指定的二维码防伪系统或手机软件进行解码检验,即可获知该产品的一连串的真品安全信息,如产品生产日期、生产地址、产品信息,从而达到放心购买和监督打假的作用。二维码可储存丰富的产品信息,通过加密不易被复制盗用,产品信息来自企业官方发布,查询渠道正规、,实现了产品信息防伪的性。
  To generate encrypted two-dimensional code product information, print or label the two-dimensional code on the product packaging. Users can get a series of real product safety information, such as product production date, production address and product information, by decoding and checking the designated two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system or mobile phone software, thus reassuring the purchase and supervision of counterfeiting. Two-dimensional code can store abundant product information. It is not easy to copy and embezzle through encryption. The product information comes from the official release of the enterprise. The inquiry channel is formal and professional, which achieves the high efficiency of product information anti-counterfeiting.
  Advantages of liquor anti-counterfeiting labels:
  Strong error correction ability: 50% damaged area can still recover information
  The encoding range is wide: pictures, sounds, text, signatures, web sites, fingerprints and all other Digitable information.
  Decoding reliability is high: the error rate does not exceed one in ten million.
  Convenient inquiry: mobile phone can be used to scan the anti-counterfeiting labels of liquor products through the mobile network to make accurate inquiries about product information at any time and anywhere.
  Effective communication: Consumers can timely check product information and interact with enterprises to enhance brand trust.
  Accurate statistics: accurately count the number and behavior of customers, and get real-time feedback from consumers.
  Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label
  Printing touches on all aspects of common sense, tedious and messy, but enterprises do not need to understand these, enterprises need to understand whether to deal with the problem, why do many enterprises do two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels will have a negative effect, which is to say the anti-counterfeiting industry chaos.
  At present, China's anti-counterfeiting industry has experienced unprecedented development and prosperity. Many anti-counterfeiting technologies are now in the leading international level. However, more and more small anti-counterfeiting companies rely on network hype, exaggeration and other means to attract business by fooling customers, but they can not deal with the problems of enterprises.
  Small workshop anti-counterfeiting companies generally only need a few people to buy a screened printing equipment and a query system to do anti-counterfeiting for customers. If we look for such anti-counterfeiting companies, enterprises will surely present many problems. Their printing quality is not up to the standard. The printed two-dimensional codes may appear discolored and blurred, resulting in the impossibility of scanning. There is no special person in the query system. Maintenance is not safe and stable enough, and often presents problems. If consumers can't get information, they will think that they have bought fake goods, so that sales will be less and less, consumers will lose more and more severely, enterprises will gradually lose shopping malls, causing the horseshoe effect, and an enterprise may die out.
  减少企业打假的开支,大大减少人力、物力丢掉。打假不再是企业某个部分单独的行为,每个消费者都是 参与打假的行家能手,都是维护企业和本身利益较坚决的打假队员,从而能收到事半功倍的作用,对前进企业知名度,能起到很好的广告宣传效应。
  Reduce the expenditure of enterprises to crack down on counterfeiting, and greatly reduce the loss of manpower and material resources. Fighting against counterfeiting is no longer a part of an enterprise's individual behavior. Every consumer is an expert who participates in the fight against counterfeiting. They are the most resolute counterfeiters who safeguard the interests of the enterprise and themselves. Thus, they can get twice the result with half the effort. They can play a very good advertising and publicity effect on the forward enterprise's popularity.
  When using anti-counterfeiting labels, the company can advance the product level very well. When using the product, it can give consumers a safety guarantee, and when consumers purchase, it can be more determined to purchase.