来源:http://www.shengfengyinshua.com/ 日期:2019-11-25 发布人:admin   产品包装是美丽或好或坏的产品销售产生直接影响,但一个很好的防伪标签是一样的,好的产品打假防伪标签不仅起到一定的作用,同时也提升了公司的客户意识,让我们一起了解下安标签值的产品。
  Product packaging is beautiful or good or bad product sales have a direct impact, but a good anti-counterfeiting label is the same. A good product anti-counterfeiting label not only plays a certain role, but also improves the company's customer awareness, let's understand the value of the next safety label products.
  Product QR code label refers to a QR code printing security label. The existence of such anti-counterfeiting marks can help customers check the authenticity of the products they buy. Customers always send text messages or search on the Internet before calling to verify the authenticity of products. Now, only two-dimensional code labels can solve all problems. The existence of anti-counterfeiting label can improve the customer loyalty of products, promote the sales of high value-added products, and promote enterprises to obtain more profits.
  What are the anti-counterfeiting identification technologies of product anti-counterfeiting labels? What are the anti-counterfeiting identification technologies of product anti-counterfeiting labels that are often searched on the Internet? It can be seen that this problem is of great concern to all of you. Here we will briefly introduce them. Bar code and running code can prevent fleeing goods! But it corresponds to the big label, result one.
  Main features of anti-counterfeiting label:
  Simple operation, easy to identify: safety is mainly for customers, so as not to pretend to cover up fake and inferior products. Using the customer's security label, managers don't have to rely on the industry or set up another symbolic fee to identify the authenticity of the product.
  What are the anti-counterfeiting identification technologies, laser materials and,
  1. Main features of product anti-counterfeiting label: increase the company's popularity for the first time in the process of papermaking.
  (1) what anti-counterfeiting identification technology does the product anti-counterfeiting label have? All kinds of uncertain factors make the enterprise wait and see on the shore!
  (2) hard copy: security skills should be a copy or hard copy and special equipment such as skill threshold, threshold, etc., so that fake and shoddy copies are unacceptable.
  (3) low cost: the product label, according to the safety requirements and product characteristics of the enterprise, is personalized and safe, which can help the enterprise to save costs by attacking the safety solutions before, during and after sales.
  (4) personalized manufacturing of anti-counterfeiting label: the visual highlight of logo design and packaging will appear "safety". Since then, the product will help to increase the level of anti-counterfeiting label product packaging and taste, and complete brand communication.
  2, characteristics
  Product anti-counterfeiting label, just because of its anti-counterfeiting picture, considerable information storage capacity, users can scan products to obtain production information, source, enterprise information, you can check the authenticity of the scan.
  The logo of the company can be printed on the surface of the logo, with good anti transfer effect. Security wire anti-counterfeiting technology refers to the anti-counterfeiting technology of inlaying metal wire in the anti-counterfeiting label,
  3. Skill principle
  With the security carrier of two-dimensional code label products, track, collect, summarize, query and manage the information of each product, code products, establish the data link of product information management and the monitoring system of the whole circulation process.
  4, application
  The customers of security label products now cover more professional cosmetics, drugs, health products, alcohol, tea, food, daily necessities, electronic appliances, handicrafts, hardware, clothing, glasses, sporting goods, chemical industry.
  Another function is marketing. Therefore, each company's quotation is fundamentally different. The short time that the anti-counterfeiting identification features of anti-counterfeiting technology products are successfully copied,
  The anti-counterfeiting labels of electrical products use two-dimensional code technology and wireless communication network technology, and different anti-counterfeiting label query methods are different,
  It can query the product information in real time and conveniently, change the color according to the high and low temperature of the temperature, and the customer makes a special edition

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